How do you choose your lipstick?

Source: ZheJiang Ushas Cosmetics Co., LtdPublished time:2018-10-20

First of all, lipstick is a big family, its classification methods are different, there are roughly the following classification methods:

(1) according to the texture, it can be divided into four categories - lip gloss, lip gloss, and, of course, the lipstick as mentioned above.

1, lipstick: is the original, common lipstick, generally solid, texture than lip gloss and lip gloss to dry and hard. A good lipstick on the lips can make people look particularly charming. High color saturation, strong color cover, and because the solid is generally not easy because of lip wrinkles too deep and overflow, often it to modify lip shape, lip color. The main ingredients include wax, oil and pigments. Some shiny lipsticks also contain mica, iron oxide, titanium dioxide and other ingredients, so it is not suitable for long-term large-scale use.

2. Lip color: transparent texture, can be directly applied to the lips with a lip stick, or directly dipped with a lip pencil smear, do not need to emphasize lip line. The effect of the paint has been criticized by some people as "like stealing lard" lip gloss, in girls'cosmetics is a hot commodity.

3, moisturizing Lipstick: gloss is slightly lower than lip gloss, is very easy to use the basic cosmetics. The lipstick with high moisturizing degree has a gentle effect on the dry and peeling skin of the lips. Besides the bright effect of water, lipstick also adds a lot of pearlescent and auroral effects to autumn and winter.

4, lipstick: the higher the powder quality, the stronger the fog effect. The new generation of lipsticks moistens greatly, even if they take off makeup. The effect of smearing the lips directly is better than using lip pens.

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